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San Diego Trading is a leading provider of souvenir goods in the greater San Diego Area. We were established in 1995, and since then we have been a key player in the gift, souvenir and tourism market in the southern California region.

We have a strong commitment to our customers and have made it our goal to provide a great customer experience and providing some of the highest quality original garments in the market. We currently serve the retail market by operating several retail locations in the major tourist areas of San Diego County; our locations cater to visitors and local customers alike. Our product lines include San Diego apparel, California apparel, and local sports team paraphernalia.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the individual; our product offering is available at the wholesale level to other retailer and organizations. For more information see our services tab.

An integral component of our strategic planning is our management and sales teams. Our sales and management teams are composed of dedicated individuals who have a passion for what they do, and for the customers they serve. We take pride in being a leading employer that offers competitive compensation, a great work environment and company culture, and a great place for career development. For more employment information please contact us using the contact tab.

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